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Flower Essence + Tincture | Sacred Basil

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Whole being tonic to enhance vitality & improve resistance to the cumulative effects of daily stress

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Product description

Uses – 

  • Nourishes perfect health and promotes long life
  • Modulates the body's inflammatory pathways and supporting digestive & respiratory health
  • Support focus and memory
  • Nourish and help maintain balance of the subtle bodies 
  • Support the manifestation of our highest truth and soul directed purpose
  • Supportive to help heal and resolve old emotional scars that might be impeding our way

Ingredients - Fresh Organic and Biodynamic Sacred Basil (Tulsi) flowering tops, Spring water, Organic grain alcohol, Flower Essences of Sacred Basil, Motherwort, Plumeria, Pua keni keni (Fagraea berteriana), Gardenia, Wild Clematis, Icelandic Wild Valerian, and Neroli essential oil.

1oz | 30ml

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review