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Payment methods

TL|DR: TTA uses a trusted/trustworthy “e-check” method for receiving payments. Your information is safe. Payments are quick and secure.

We will be adding more options in the future (such as Venmo and the Cash app), but for now, know that this payment service will protect your data and so will we!


The details:

Twisted Thistle Apothicaire has integrated one payment service at this point in time: an e-check service provided by Seamless Chex:


Seamless Chex provides a quick and easy process that allows you to make a payment using the details shown on a check (your account number and the bank’s routing number). Some people may find entering that information disconcerting, and that’s understandable with the amount of identity theft out there! However, we can offer two ideas to ease your concerns: 1. People have been handing out that data with every check ever written – those are the numbers at the bottom of every check. 2. Seamless Chex works hard to keep all of that data safe and secure. Their business is dedicated to making this payment option work as safely and flawlessly as possible, and their ratings on Trust Pilot and Merchant Maverick speak to that fact. However, if you have more questions, please email or call us!

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