Store Hours: 11am-3pm AND 3:30pm-6pm (7 days/wk)
OAKLAND SHOP # 510-644-3727
SAN FRANCISCO SHOP # 415-626-4372

Shipping & returns

  • If the product you receive is substantially different from what you ordered…
  • Buyer understands that returns cannot be accepted on any food/herbal items due to the possibility of contamination of product.
  • Seller does not ship products to addresses outside the United States.

Twisted Thistle Apothicaire offers discounted shipping via Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Before placing your order, please acknowledge the following regarding delivery time expectations:

  • We do not guarantee delivery dates. We only guarantee that your order will be delivered from our warehouse to the post office on time.
  • Priority Mail service has an expected delivery of 2 or 3 days from the date the order is shipped (excluding Sundays).
  • During the holiday season, it is not unusual for delivery times to extend 1-3 days beyond this window.
  • We will not refund shipping costs if USPS does not deliver by the expected date.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that your order is shipped quickly from our warehouse. Due to payment processing times - and the fact that we are a small team - we ask for a couple days to process orders. After we do our job and hand your package off to USPS we rely on them to do their job. We are not able to guarantee delivery dates. We have no control over delays and we do not have any special back channels to communicate with them and track down your package. Generally speaking USPS is pretty reliable and delivers by the expected delivery date. During holiday season (November to January) the mail runs slower and delays should be anticipated. In rare cases you may find that your package takes 7-10 days to deliver. 

Changes to an order, including the product, size, or quantity ordered, is not possible without canceling the original order and replacing it. There are no guarantees that a request for cancellation of an order is possible once an order has been accepted by Seller. Buyer must contact a customer service representative of Seller during Seller’s business hours to determine if a change or cancellation is possible.

Post-order Address Change Requests 

Requests to change the shipping address after the order has been placed will not be accepted without canceling the original order and replacing it with an order that provides the accurate shipping address. If the order has shipped out already, re-routing the package may be possible but is not guaranteed. Buyer must contact a customer service representative of Seller to determine if canceling an order or re-routing the package is possible.

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