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Twisted Thistle - 29 / Apr / 2024

Seed Wellness & Master the Planting Season

Seed Wellness & Master the Planting Season

We welcome our newest addition of the Twisted Thistle range: Sow The Magic Tarot Seeds!

We know from experience that growing plants, food and flowers is a beautiful adventure, and a wonderful experience for the nervous system to find peace. If you’re in a co-op garden, in your yard, or a sunny nook in your home; make your garden your happy place and watch it bloom. 

As we share our newest addition of the Twisted Thistle range, our Sow The Magic Tarot Seeds, we wanted to share the tips we are focusing on ourselves this spring!

Find The Sun 

Before you plant, know your space. Work out where the sun is throughout the day. Your seeds need sun to thrive, so first find the sunniest part of your yard, or window ledge. 

Choose the Right Seeds

The path to a thriving garden begins with choosing the right seeds. Consider your climate, soil type, available sunlight, and how large the plant will grow. We love the range of Tarot Garden Seeds that is as vast, as it is nutrient dense. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Lemon Balm
  2. Wormwood Mugwort
  3. Chocolate Mint
  4. Mexican Sunflower
  5. Moon and Star Watermelon

Nutrient Dense Soil

Healthy soil will produce healthy plants rich in nutrients. Soil has its own ecosystem, and to nature this we suggest feeding your seeds with nutrient-dense compost, organic fertilizer and worm castings to inspire healthy plants. Invest in good quality, organic soil mix, and your garden will thank you for it!

Prepare The Soil

Before planting your seeds, it's essential to prepare the soil properly. Start by clearing the area of any weeds or debris and loosen the soil to a depth of at least six inches. Incorporate organic matter such as compost or aged manure. This will provide your seeds with the nutrients they need to thrive with happiness.

Balanced Watering

You can underwater and overwater too. Find the balance of how much your seeds, and plants need, and commit to a routine. Like with all things, consistency is key. If you are unsure, you can stick your thumb into the soil; if it feels dry then it likely needs hydration. 

Before You Plant

Always read and follow the instructions on the seed packet. Every seed will have a different planting depth and spacing requirement. So be sure to read the guidelines carefully. As a general rule; plant seeds at a depth two to three times their diameter.

Planting Seeds

Create furrows, or rows, in the soil using a hoe or trowel, then carefully place the seeds in the furrows with suggested spacing. Cover the seeds with soil and gently pat them down to ensure good soil-to-seed contact. Add some intentional love as you plant and water them gently to germinate, being careful not to overwater.

Tend To Your Garden

Make this a daily practice as you would with mediation: Watering, ensuring your seedlings are not crowded, removing dead leaves, noticing if any pests arrive, adding compost and taking a moment to enjoy the growth on the journey from seed to plant. Send your seeds some love too, it’s the secret element!

Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor 

Savor the taste of your teas, dinner’s, floral displays. Whatever you are planting, enjoy the life cycle you have created. Be grateful for the harvest and take what you need as you need it, giving thanks to the plant as you do. Try to wait for vegetables and fruits to be fully ripe before picking them.

Saving Seeds For A New Life Cycle

One of the joys of gardening is the ability to save seeds from your harvest to plant again next year. To do so, allow your plants to fully mature and produce seed pods or fruit. Harvest the seeds and allow them to dry completely before storing them in a cool, dry place. Be sure to label your seeds clearly so you can easily identify them when it's time to plant again.

And remember to have fun with it!

With love,

The Twisted Thistle team

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