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26 / May / 2024

Healthy, Safe Herbal Alternatives For Festival Fun

Healthy, Safe Herbal Alternatives For Festival Fun

We share what we do best: Party Potions that are healthy, safe herbal alternatives for festival fun. We've also listed the line-up of San Francisco June summer festivals.

It’s June, which means summer is here, and so is Pride! 

We love the buzz of parade time as a celebration of love & diversity, as well as an expression of solidarity & resilience. With a unified—and color-filled message—of acceptance, freedom, inclusion & hope.

The summer festival season brings with it more connection, spontaneity, happiness, social gatherings, laughter, and dancing!

The way we celebrate all the delicious nectar that activities bring is with healthier plant-based party potions that inspire connection and fun, without hurting our minds and bodies, wallets or the justice system. It’s a fact that our products do not contain any illegal ingredients.

The Twisted Thistle vibe is to align the joys of festival fun with healthy, safe alternatives that gift a lucid mind, a sober body, a relaxed presence and a clear head the next day. This is what we do best, and what made our business what it is today. 

Our party potions will be your best friend this season.

Introducing our in-store only and online favorites:


Velvet Crush In-Store Only

Used as a strong sensual aphrodisiac for all genders. Its claim to fame is increasing the senses, and sensation in general, especially the genitals (in a delightful way.)

This product also doubles up as a party potion, meaning this product can be a beautiful add on to a night out dancing, an art event, an intimate dinner party (you choose the fun.) It’s been known to inspire feelings of elation, euphoria, tingles on the skin, relaxing out of your head and getting present in your body.

One packet contains 1-2 doses.

* Ideal for sensual beings of all kinds, and sensual experiences of all kinds. This product also has some contraindications to check in with the Herbie in store to see if you can indulge in this fun potion.

Manimal In-Store Only

A strong aphrodisiac, for stamina and endurance in the ways that matter!

Take 1 capsule for prostate bodied humans (or bodies with prostates) and enjoy the benefits. Wink wink…

* This product has contraindication so please make sure to check in with the Herbie in store before you buy it.

Super G In-Store Only

A long-lasting fun high energy party potion. Sure to keep you on the dance floor for hours.  Offering a nice mood lift and good vibes for any festival or live or electronic music event.


PLUS our in-house blends made by our TTA founders, for their own sensual explorations and desire to enhance certain aspects of arousal and sensuality in intimacy. 

Spicy Nights

A powdered herbal blend made with passion, endurance, stamina and raunchy-bodily-lust in mind. When playing with this blend, it will have a slightly different effect for prostate bodied humans, or a womb bodied humans.

Using this product consistently for a week or two may help show the best results, however taking it as a one off before a sexy experience will also have an effect; it just won't be as noticeable. Many play with it both ways!

Cacao Xoxo

This product was made with sensuality at the front of mind. This blend in general is lovely for helping pull one out of the head and bring them down into their body, and for enhancing the touch sensation. Some of the herbs in there may also increase circulation to the genitals in all genders.

Add to a hot chocolate to share with a lover and see how it affects your senses.  

What’s On This Month

Here are our picks of the festival crop to liven things up this month:


It's also time to celebrate the Summer Solstice from June 21st. 

We're doing this with two amazing in-store events. For the scent lovers, we’re holding a Scent Class at our Haight St. store on June 19th. And on June 20th, we're hosting an Astrology events in-store, hosted by Shyra.

More details are to come for the event, so stay tuned to our emails and socials for updates. 

PLUS We've been mentioned A Guide to San Francisco 

“At the beautiful Buena Vista Park, experience a great spot for a relaxed grassy chillout or a vigorous hilly stroll. Try the delicious Ritual Coffee, Ceiba for epic Burning Man fashion, an old school Bookshop, Bound Together, and the home of San Francisco’s best microbrews, Magnolia.” 


We hope to see you in-store preparing for the fun summer ahead and shaking your tail feathers at some of these events.

Our love to you,

The Twisted Thistle team.

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