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Twisted Thistle - 11 / Jan / 2024

What Is Joy January?

What Is Joy January?

We're onboard for Dry January—with a twist. We’ve penned how to stay sober and high vibed in 2024. Join us for what we've coined, Joy January.

We hear you asking: What is Joy January?  It’s our spin on Dry January. To take alcohol off the menu for at least one month & feel the balance and health benefits that it brings. Yet we swapped the prefix, dry, for joy, because why stop at removing obstacles? It’s 2024, the vibes are high & the magic is real. We want to grow beyond them to thrive so we’re adding the element of joy to live at a higher octave this year. After another bustling Holiday season it got us thinking: “How we can celebrate our lives everyday and live with a grounded level of bliss, naturally?

The Answer Is Plants

We do it the witchy way with high-frequency fuel for the body via ancient herbs fused into a modern way. 

To Slay & Stay Twisted

After the years we’ve all had, we feel it’s important to create joy in our lives. To bring about higher consciousness here on earth as we move into the Aquarian Age. No matter what is going on around us, we believe we can hold our energy high & rebirth our ancient ways, in the modern world.  We’ve lined up how to stay sober & high vibed this January—and all throughout the year...

What Is Dry January?

It’s a movement that is gaining momentum worldwide to honor health of the mind, body & spirit by going alcohol free for the month of January.  What we love the most about this movement, is that it’s a way to regulate how we respond to stress. And to balance out the pattern and triggers that get people drinking in the first place. 

What Is Joy January?

It’s a phrase we coined as we’re believers of magic, plants & living our highest vibrations here on earth.  We believe joy is the elevator to do so!  Drinking alcohol is known to lower consciousness & we’re all about raising it. That’s why we love plants as the witchy way to find inner calm & balance—and to build an internal bridge to hold these higher frequencies in bodies, in our every day lives. Our nervous systems are also likely anticipating what this year will bring, due to the stormy seas of the years past. It’s our belief that the way to manage the outer crazy is to harness our inner calm.  So why not find healthy ways to raise your consciousness and increase your inner levels of calm, balance & joy?

Why Choose Joy?

Joy is one of highest of emotions on the emotional scale, alongside empowerment, bliss, love & freedom.  The answer is, why would we not reach for our greatest potential? Ponder that for a moment.

What Is Joy?

A great journal or ponder prompt for your 2024 journey is: “What is joy to me and what does it look like in my world? ”  Here are a few ways our team embrace joy:

  • A heavenly bath dripping with serenity. Scents, essences, candles & gem elixirs dropping into the now moment. With magnesium soak to absorb negativity & revel in relaxation. What a vibe. 
  • A simple & sacred inner vision Blue Lotus ceremony singing a gentle note to connect deeply to who you are: “I am perfect & glorious the way I am. I have all the answers I seek, within. I am utterly divine.
  • Insta-worthy mocktails to honor the sun setting over the Bay in an end-of-week ritual that celebrates all we’ve accomplished with a bit of sass. We got you covered to think it, shake it & elevate it.
  • The impeccable moment of connectivity with your tribe as you raise your vibes to endless laughter & dance! If frivolity is your thing & a vehicle is needed to free yourself from the shackles of lower vibrational days, herbs of euphoria are calling!

And this is just touching the iceberg.

What Are Dry January Tools?

They’re our ways to Ditch Alcohol & Choose Plants.

We say: Get TWISTED with joy instead.

Non Alcohol Europhic Elixirs

We think it’s a belief that needs to be shifted. Zero alcohol does not mean zero fun, in fact, we would argue that raising consciousness thorough our witchy ways is the path to endless fun. Which is why we’re so impressed so many folks are taking part in Dry January, and hope you're on board with us for Joy January too.


Mocktails For The Win

Omitting alcohol does not mean omitting fun. Make mocktails infused with magic & muddlers.

Flower Essences To Vibe Joy

Joy is also rest. It is also sensuality. 

  • Fill the bath, massage your skin, dance in your joy!
  • Adorn your favorite flower essence to bask in your beauty.


What Is Non Attachment?

Yes, we love joy! But it’s important not to hold on to it so that it becomes an addiction.  The counterintuitive approach is to release our expectation of holding joy while remaining open to finding it - and in doing so, we are more likely to discovering it in the most unexpected places in daily life. Vipassana meditation speaks of non-attachment, as do many wise souls & it's an intention that we hold, too. Binding to or holding onto joy can often inhibit it. It’s a fine dance to welcome and allow a higher state of bliss in your world without holding attachment to it.  When we let something go, it’s more free to return. And it’s this balance we honor in our daily life, through ritual & through honoring age-old plant wisdom. 

Remember: Ditch Alcohol, Choose Plants.

Give your mind & body a rest. Get TWISTED with plants & magic instead.

Happy Joy January!

The Twisted Thistle Team

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