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Omumbiri Essential Oil

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A sacred, aromatic gem, Omumbiri Essential Oil relaxes and calms with a light, citrusy aroma.

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Featuring bright, fresh notes and a citrusy aroma similar to Frankincense, sacred Omumbiri (also known as Namibian Myrhh) is revered for its instantaneous calming effect — and its perfume-like qualities that relax, ease worries, soothe overactive minds, and provide a divine environment for meditation.

Our Omumbiri comes from a Woman’s Collaborative in the hills of the Kunene Region of Namibia that was community-built to ensure sustainability for both the planet and women involved.

As a result, the Omumbiri Essential is all-natural and pure — wild-harvested, then distilled right from the tree to bring you the highest quality botanicals, straight from the source.

1/2oz | 15ml

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