Rose Buds 10g

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This soft, romantic flower has more to it than just being a symbol of love! High in Vitamin C, Rose Buds may relieve menstrual pain, boost the immune system, and fight against stress and anxiety. Used topically in an infused oil or balm, Roses can potentially soothe skin irritation, skin redness, and real cuts, scars, and burns. With its subtle sweet and floral flavor, adding Roses to a tea blend may boost antioxidants, relieve headaches, balance hormones, and even enhance mood. 



Standardized: damask rose


Rosa damascena Mill. Plant Family: Rosaceae


Petals, and Buds

Nikki 16-02-2017 22:37

Rose buds are so gentle and comforting. Whether I am smoking them or drinking them in a tea I feel calmer and more at ease.

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