Skullcap 50g

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Skullcap is a beloved nerve tonic used for stress and anxiety. Due to its cooling yet bitter properties, it makes for a very balanced nervine. This herb works to strengthen and nourish the nervous system, which may lead to more feelings of calmness and contentment. Due to Skullcap’s tonic properties, it makes for a gentle nighttime tea for sleeping issues like insomnia or waking up throughout the night. 



Standardized: skullcap Other: blue skullcap, scullcap


Scutellaria laterifolia L. Plant Family: Lamiaceae


The above-ground parts of the plant, dried

c.p. 19-01-2017 20:51

Skullcap is so helpful to calm racing thoughts. If I am feeling anxious, having a cup of skullcap tea will really help ease my worries in the moment and has helped anxious thoughts overall in my life.

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