Passionflower 25g

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Passionflower, a beautiful purple flower that can draw anyone in with its incredibly unique makeup, is traditionally known for its tranquilizing and sedative qualities. Native Americans have been using Passionflower for centuries for internal and external ailments like wounds, earaches, and liver problems. Passionflower’s sedative effects may potentially ease anxiety and calm the mind, making for a great natural sleep aid. This occurs due to this herb increasing the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which lowers brain activity and makes for going to sleep easier. Mixing Passionflower with a pinch of lavender makes for a lovely floral nighttime tea.



Standardized: passionflower Other: apricot vine, maypop, wild passionflower


Passiflora incarnata L. Plant Family: Passifloraceae


Dried leaves and stems

Haley 20-01-2017 21:40

This is the only thing that works to help me sleep at night. It relaxes me to the point that I can drift away. Will definitely be buying again!

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