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Woodland Sage | Desert Flower Essence

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Desert Flower Essence for Grounded Wisdom

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Woodland Sage is a plant of both the Sun and Moon, opening our hearts and minds to the secret places of the soul. Its roots travel deep into the soil, helping us to grasp the true nature of things, moving past Ego, into deeper meanings. This essence is essential for attuning to ancient wisdom, accessing our individual depths, and sinking into the seat of our power. As it gently unveils our shadow side, it shows us empty places that are ready to be filled. Woodland Sage is especially helpful to those working in the ancient traditions of storytelling, music, dance, or song by tapping into the great wellspring within.


Work with this flower essence when you feel disconnected from the world, ungrounded, or lack clarity of direction in life.


7 drops, 3x daily in 2-4 week cycles as needed

+ On the tongue
+ In the bath
+ On a pillow


Wild Woodland Sage Flowers (Salvia nemorosa) infused in spring water and artesian well cane spirits under the wild desert Moon.


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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review