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Cypress Essential Oil

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A lively French cypress, use this oil in any aromatherapy formulation to expand the breath, calm the mind, and clear the air.

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Product description

Our beautiful French oil distilled from cypress branches; the purity of the environment endows this refreshing elixir with potent aromatherapeutic qualities. Cypress essential oil deepens and expands the breath and is very beneficial to use in your diffuser or formulations in times of stress. It offers a wide range of applications when its astringent properties are called for.

Cypress has been traditionally used to beautify the skin and scalp. The astringent nature of this oil is very helpful for summertime skin, or whenever there are oily, teenage/troubled or sweaty conditions. You can also routinely count on cypress to keep your home fresh and clean when added to your household cleansers.

For the mind, cypress is known to have a refreshing, cleansing effect which can dispel worry and stress. Diffused, invigorating cypress oil will clear the air whenever it has been left heavy or stagnant. Cypress is a useful essential oil for promoting concentration and productivity.

1/2oz | 15ml

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