Plants and Planets: Aries

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Learn how our astrological signs connect with the earthly world of plants, as we
make our way full circle around the zodiac. Through the lens of astrology we will
explore the archetypal energies each season births.

Aries commences spring and the beginning of the zodiac wheel. Cardinal fire energy
is the first spark of life. As we enter Aries, individual ego emerges from the collective
waters of Pisces. The fiery warrior archetype attributed to Aries can conjure
thoughts of impulsivity or anger, but it is also the initiative force. Join us on April
18 th to learn about plant allies attributed to Mars & Aries. We will also explore tools
for modulating this vital energy and share intentions for a period of new beginnings.

Where: Twisted Thistle Apothecary - San Francisco
              1391 Haight St (@ Masonic Ave) SF, CA 94117
When: Wednesday April 18th 7:30-9
Cost: $15-$25 sliding scale

To Purchase Tickets:
Buy in-store at either location - including the night of the event.
Also, you can reserve a spot here and pay at the event.

Image by: Helena Nelson-Reed

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