Masala Chai Taoist 16oz

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Masala Chai simply means "tea with spice" and is served throughout India in homes, cafes and roadside stands and throughout the country. It is combined with warm milk and honey to create an aromatic and invigorating treat. Our Traditional Chai combines 10 exotic spices with flowery darjeeling tea to create a full bodied and smooth cup. Chai can be served hot or as a refreshing iced drink.
This formula combines the adaptogenic and immune boosting properties of the Reishi mushroom and Siberian Gingseng with the anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea. Reishi has held a mythic status in China since antiquity and was regarded by Taoist Sages as "the mushroom of immortality". Modern studies have indicated a wide range of health benefits that may derive from the regular usage of this herb. 

Directions: Heat 8 oz milk or soy in a pan or microwave. When close to boiling, stir in one rounded teaspoon until fully dissolved. For lower calories you can use as much as 50% water.

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