Masala Chai Male AphroTEAsiac 16oz

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Masala Chai simply means "tea with spice" and is served throughout India in homes, cafes and roadside stands and throughout the country. It is combined with warm milk and honey to create an aromatic and invigorating treat. Our Traditional Chai combines 10 exotic spices with flowery darjeeling tea to create a full bodied and smooth cup. Chai can be served hot or as a refreshing iced drink.
The Male Energy tonic represents a symbiosis of Traditional Indian and Chinese herbalism. Chinese tonic herbs have placed an integral part in maintaining good health for thousands of years by the Chinese. They are said to be energy food and can be taken on a daily basis to cleanse out toxins and to revitalize the life-force within the body's systems.

Directions: Heat 8 oz milk or soy in a pan or microwave. When close to boiling, stir in one rounded teaspoon until fully dissolved. For lower calories you can use as much as 50% water.

Ingredients: Honey, Agave nectar, Ceylon tea, Spice blend

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