Libra Plant Medicine

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In the "Plants and Planets" series we move thru the zodiac with the sun and talk about the qualities and character of each sign and what herbs can best help support the nature of that sign. This month we get to speak and share on the charming sign of Libra, here is what our lovely teacher, Molly Pekula ( has to say about this next installment:

The beginning of Autumn is marked by an equilibrium between the amount of light of day and night. The equinox. A coming into balance. This season is ruled by the sign Libra, represented by the scales. In the human body this archetype corresponds to our kidneys, lower back and ears. The kidneys maintain the balance of acid/ alkaline and fluid/mineral in our personal ecosystems. On October 18th we will explore the herbal allies for finding and maintaining a healthy ebb and flow in our body and relationships. 


Where: Twisted Thistle Apothecary
              1391 Haight st SF, CA 94117

When : October 18th 7:30-9

Cost: $10 online $15- $25 sliding in person

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