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Trauma Repair | Flower Essence Blend

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Helps clear, stabilize and soothe emotional trauma. Works to heal the past and bring us into present time

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Product description

Uses –

  • Stabilizes and soothes mental and emotional states while gently clearing emotional trauma. 
  • Can be used to help heal traumatic memory or PSTD. It often releases and resolves psychological pain through the dream state. 
  • This gentle yet effective cleansing floral blend stimulates deep healing without re-traumatizing a person or animal (great for rescue animals). 
  • A major asset when faced with significant life challenges such as divorce, accidents, surgery, death of a loved one, or anytime we might feel traumatized by life.

Ingredients - Flower Essences Of - Rowan, Palo Santo, Grass of Parnassus, Long-leaved Dock, Lovage, Madame Hardy Rose, Maltese Cross, Cota, White Saxifrage, Lemon, Rosa Rugosa, Elder, Thyme, Lotus, Comfrey, Bee Balm, Red Hollyhock, Canyon Grapevine, Icelandic Sage, Oregano & Cuckoo

Gem Essences Of - Diamond, Topaz & Turquoise.

1/2oz | 15ml

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review

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