Quit Nic 28g

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Blend Contains: Passionflower, Lobelia, Coltsfoot, Catnip, Mugwort

COMMON NAME Standardized: passionflower Other: apricot vine, maypop, wild passionflower

BOTANICAL NAME Passiflora incarnata L. Plant Family: Passifloraceae

PARTS USED Dried leaves and stems


COMMON NAME Standardized: lobelia Other: Indian tobacco, puke weed

BOTANICAL NAME Lobelia inflata L. Plant Family: Campanulaceae

PARTS USED Aerial parts during the seeding stage


COMMON NAME Standardized: coltsfoot

BOTANICAL NAME Tussilago farfara L. Plant Family: Asteraceae

PARTS USED Leaves, and sometimes the buds and flowers



BOTANICAL NAME Nepeta cataria


COMMON NAME Standardized: mugwort

BOTANICAL NAME Artemisia vulgaris L. Plant Family: Asteraceae

PARTS USED Dried flowers

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