Damiana 25g

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Known for its gentle, relaxing, and mood-lifting qualities, Damiana is a very versatile herb. While Damiana has been said to be libido enhancer and a gentle aphrodisiac, it may also be a mild antidepressant. This herb has very grounding properties, making you feel more in your body. It may also aid in breaking cycling thoughts, making you feel more present in the moment whether you’re being intimate with a partner or using it during meditation. 



Standardized: damiana


Turnera diffusa Willd. ex Schult. var. diffusa Plant Family: Turneraceae


Dried leaf

Samantha 03-02-2017 00:35

This is my go-to herb for lifting my spirits and feeling connected to my body.

Jenna 20-01-2017 21:32

I love taking this herb to feel more sensual and relaxed. Great quality!

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