Alu Ball Kava Maker

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Easily make a cup of Kava with the AluBall®

The fastest and easiest way to enjoy powdered Kava!

As simple as making a protein shake


Also great for:

Cold Brewing Coffee ● Cold Brewing Tea ● Flavoring Water 


Includes:  x1 AluBall Bottle (700 ml)  x1 AluBall Kava Maker Ball 
Warning: Do not use the AluBall® or Shaker Bottle with Hot Water or in any manner not specified.  Shaking AluBall® in an empty or less than half full Shaker Bottle may cause bottle to crack.
*Stainless Steel Mesh Marks on the outside of the AluBall are normal occurrences. AluBall will initially be tight to unscrew and screw on. It will break itself in after a few uses. This was designed to ensure no material leakage when in use.
Jarod 16-02-2017 22:55

this is a super easy way to make kava. probably then easiest ive found. i also use this maker to make cold infusions of tea too

Eli 25-01-2017 21:26

This is such an ammmazing tool. I primarily love the alu ball bc it is easy to make kava on the go. if I go to a party or club and dont want to drink alcohol ill bring my alu ball and have kava instead.

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