Adventure On 60g

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This house made blend of Guarana, Mucuna, Kola nut, Suma, and Ginkgo biloba is a wonderful formula to take with you when traveling. Whether it's hiking, partying, exploring, or commuting, this blend will supply natural energy and stimulation. Since Adventure On may also provide a natural energy boost, it can be used as a caffeine replacement by being added to smoothies! 


Herbal blend of Guarana, Kola nut, Gingko biloba, Suma and Mucuna.


COMMON NAME Standardized: guarana

BOTANICAL NAME Paullinia cupana Kunth Plant Family: Sapindaceae



COMMON NAME Standardized: cola Other: abata cola, bissy nut, kola

BOTANICAL NAME Cola acuminata (Pall.) Schott & Endl. Plant Family: Sterculiaceae

PARTS USED The whole nut


COMMON NAME Standardized: suma Other: pfaffia

BOTANICAL NAME Pfaffia paniculata (Mart.) Kuntze Plant Family: Amaranthaceae

PARTS USED Western herbal medicine uses the dried root in whole, cut or powdered form

Sasha 20-01-2017 20:05

I love this mood lift and energy boost I get from Adventure on! When I go traveling, I encapsulate the powdered herbs to get past the fatigue I get from flying and riding the bus.

Raelynn 19-01-2017 20:06

This blend has changed my morning game completely! I wanted to get away from coffee and this blend helped so much. I feel less of a crash and feel my energy last longer!

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