Mermaid Juice

Mermaid Juice

Hydrate yourself with this yummy Mermaid Juice!



Fill your water bottle up with 1/2 water and 1/2 juice - pick a juice that you like the taste of, we use apple or orange juice...or both!

Add 2-4 tsp Chia seeds Add 2-3 tsp Alkalize powder Shake well intermittently after making the drink until the Chia seeds swell up, so the seeds don't all stick together in one big clump. Best to let sit for 15 minutes so the chia seeds absorb water.

NOTE: This drink is hydrating and full of easy-to-assimilate nutrients that are present in the Alkalize and Chia seeds. Both of these products increase the hydrating qualities of the liquids you are drinking so you absorb more of the water you are drinking. This is like a vitamin pill in a drink with greater absorption because it is in a natural form that the body recognizes! Oh yeah!


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