Bee Pollen 90g

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With bees being highly important to life on earth in many ways, it isn’t surprising that their pollen holds many benefits as well. Packed with a punch, Bee Pollen holds rich amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as almost all known minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and amino acids! With all of these amazing constituents, Bee Pollen builds up the immune system and may provide energy throughout the day. It is also said to have potential to relieve inflammation and allergies, reduce stress, and boost liver health. Try Bee Pollen sprinkled over cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, granola, or mixed into a smoothie. 


Wild Crafted

ALSO KNOWN AS Pollen (not to be confused with propolis)


Dried pollen in whole, broken or powdered form




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