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Safe & Secure | Wild Cranes Bill Flower Essence

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Enhances trust in life and a sense that we are loved and being taken care of

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This Wood Crane's Bill flower essence was made in a remote, energetically powerful lava field in west Iceland. It helps us cultivate an inner sense of security and trust in life. The healing information found in this flower works to remove fear of being rejected, making it a powerful ally to address issues of unworthiness. It helps metabolize and heal old emotional memory or trauma contributing to insecurity and mistrust of life. Wood Crane's Bill addresses a deep feeling of being unsafe and it encourages us to surrender our worries. This flower essence has widespread applications. It can be used for self-rejection, fear of being seen, fear of being rejected, never feeling good enough, self-doubt, and the tendency to criticize oneself. It can also harmonize feelings of un-ease and uncertainty while promoting emotional equilibrium. It heals shame that arises out of the false belief that we are not enough. This essence can also be used to help us feel safe enough to allow change without trying to control everything around us. It can address insecurity that arises from a transition or transformational experience when your sense of self or reality is challenged.

1/2oz | 15ml

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review