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Gua sha is a Traditional Chinese Beauty Ritual that has recently exploded in popularity! Anyone can practice, but you need to correctly use gua sha tools for massaging the neck and face for results!

Taught by Sarah Jystad, who is a TCM graduate/acupuncture intern, herbalist, reiki + gua sha practitioner.

1. Motivation

Gua sha is such an easy beauty ritual that it deserves to be demystified! I’m so passionate about sharing the correct way to practice gua sha so that anyone can see results and feel relief from headaches or neck tension. I’ve benefitted so much from this practice!

2. Objectives

- teach the details of gua sha tools and materials

- Show best way to prep skin for gua sha - Teach correct way to hold tool and correct amount of pressure

- Provide a wonderful neck and face massage protocol using gua sha tools

3. Topics and Intended Audience

Facial + Neck Gua Sha Beauty Ritual Intended audience: anyone interested, all are encouraged and welcome!

4. Things Included

Take home handouts of the gua sha massage protocol, noncomedogenic oils + Sarah’s contact info.

This amazing event had to come back around quickly because of the incredible success of the first event. Dont miss out!


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