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This talk will focus on the beautiful, traditional Sacred Plants in tropane-bearing nightshade Solanaceae families,  including Mitskway-borrachero (Methysticodendron Amesianum/Brugmansia Candida), To’e / Tonga (Brugmansia vars.), Toloache (Datura vars.), Belladonna (Atropa Belladonna, Solanum Americanum/Nigrum), Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia Grandiflora), the powerful Chansasa (tobacco, Nicotania Rustica) and others. 

These plants represent a global pantheon revered by traditional European “Witches”,  by Shamans and Curanderas around the globe, and also by modern allopathic healers. The Sacred Nightshades have been employed in traditional sacred dietas, rituals and ceremonies for millennia and are widely recognized for inviting spirit visitation.

Sacred Plants in this family bring powerful visionary and spirit-healing properties as well as potent (and toxic when over-dosed) Western medicines. Sacred Plants of the bright night are commonly (less frequently in modern practices) added to other Sacred Plant mixtures to increase depth of experience. Nightshade-enhanced traditional Sacred Plant mixtures include Cimora (e.g, To’e / Brugmansia with Huachuma), Yopo/Hrap’e (e.g., Nicotania Rustica with ground Anadenanthera seeds), and Ayahuasca (e.g., To’e or Chiric Sanago with Chagropanga or Chacruna and Yage’), added to the mixture. Due to the powerful medicinal, deliriant and dissociative qualities, utmost respect and caution is recommended for anyone considering engaging any relationship with this particular family of plants. The Sacred Nightshades are widely recognized as demanding extraordinarily careful and experienced plant practitioner relationships.


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                                           Terra's Temple
                            3051 Adeline St Berkeley, CA 94703
                                      January 20th 2-4pm
                                      $10$25 sliding scale

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