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Big Sky Sacred Plants and Traditions
Bright, warm, opening, knowing, learning, loving
Cacti and phenethylamine bearing plants

December 30th,2-4pm
at Terra's Temple In Berkeley

Co-hosted by Twisted Thistle and the Psychedelic Society of San Francisco

This talk will focus on traditional "Big Sky" Sacred Plants and their active relatives. Bob will bring live plants, experience and information… and will leave plenty of time for open discussion. Peyote/Peyotl, San Pedro/Huachuma (also Trichocereus Bridgesii, Cristata, and Peruvianus), Sassafras, Nutmeg, Fennel and Dill are just a few of the phenethylamine bearing plants we will share company with. Learn about the geography, history, activity, sacred shapes and traditions associated with these plants. View and carefully and respectfully touch the living plants. Learn how you can deepen your own practice by growing and caring for them. Learn about other mescaline-like phenethylamines that grow from these plants, such as the 2E and 2C molecule series that Sasha and Anne Shulgin brought to us. Share and grow community with others who respect and appreciate the presence of Sacred Plants in our lives.

Bob "Otis" Stanley has been growing and exploring sacred plants and traditions for over 30 years. He builds on family healing and wisdom traditions, and related exposure to non-Western traditions through his family’s medical and ecological work in Appalachia, Asia, Central and South America. Bob was fortunate to begin exploring sacred plant traditions in his late teens. Early mystical experiences informed communication with respected elders who encouraged Bob to engage directly with experts associated with rebirth of sacred plant practices in the West. Following Psychology and Religious studies degrees from University of California Santa Cruz, Bob earned a Master's in Divinity from University of Chicago focused in comparative religion and epistemology. Research at New York University led to a career working in Life Science informatics. In addition to over 30 years of learning, teaching, curation and conservation of sacred plants, Bob's passions include bicycling and playing his Grandma's violin.

Bob has enjoyed giving educational talks, community gardening, and facilitating individual and group meditations with live Salvia Divinorum. His focus is on Truth-seeking practices, preparation and integration work. He is called to develop non-dogmatic religious practices that enable spiritually healing traditional sacred plant work within emerging modern settings. Bob recognizes these plants as healing sacraments, properly venerated by ancient, living and emerging traditions.

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