Deep Forest Sacred Plants and Traditions- 2nd Installment of “Sacred Plant Series”

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Our second installment of the "Plants and Planets" story is going to dive deeper into the world of the "Deep Forest Plants". This talk's focus will be on sacred tryptamine chalices; including vines and trees, roots and leaves most widely known from their North, Central and South American deep forest traditions. In addition to tryptamine bearing plants, we will also explore the related sacred mushrooms and fungi, the Ayahuasca / Gaiahuasca / Psilohuasca combinations (tryptamines with MAOI / beta carboline chalices), and related Kykeon / Ololiuqui / Tliltliltzin (LSA / ergoline chalices) plants, seeds and fungi.


When: Sunday November 25th 2pm-4pm

Where: Terra's Temple- 3051 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703 

Cost: $10-$25 sliding scale *tickets may sell out, please purchase them on here and if they are sold out, email [email protected] to see if something can be arranged!




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