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Reaping what we sow, Virgo season is the harvest time. The virgin also symbolizes the service we offer the world; how we give back. Out of all the zodiacal archetypes, Virgo is arguably the one most strongly correlated to herbalism. It is a sign that is known for its diligent pursuit of purity. Ruling over the 6th house of health along with the digestive system and liver, this archetype excels at filtering impurities and discarding what is excess.

Join us on September 27th to learn about herbs for supporting these physical and spiritual refinement processes. Through good health we ultimately become resources for others. Come celebrate some of the most accessible resources for health we have... Plants!

When: September 27th 7:30-9
Twisted Thistle Apothecary
1391 Haight st San Francisco, CA
$15-$25 sliding scale
**$10 if purchased online**

***If you have come here from our monthly email, we made a typo!
This event is in fact on the 27th! Please disregard any other dates and come eat delicious food and learn amazing things with us on Thursday September 27th at 7:30!***

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