Leo Plant Medicine

Article number: 3447--10

**When selecting "size" that is actually the price of the ticket you want to pay, bc it is sliding scale, however online is the only space we offer $10 tickets, the night of the event/paying in person, the cheapest ticket is $15**

Leo seasonally marks the coming of the high growing season. It is ruled by the sun, the center and heart of our solar system. This archetype has been tied to providing, creativity and showing up in the world in our unique light. The physical correspondences are the heart, the spine, the back and spleen.  On August 20th we will gather to discuss the plant allies relating to the energy of Leo and its body systems. Join us as we discuss herbal tools which support our hearts and help us grow confident in shining our light.


When: August 20th

Where: Twisted Thistle Apothecary
1391 Haight St San Francisco, CA

Cost: $15-$25 sliding
**$10 if purchased online**

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