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Are you a fan of kombucha? Learning to brew it yourself is easy and super cost effective. The 2,000 year old tradition has a rich history of health benefits like improving digestion, boosting energy and helping your immune system. Kombucha is made from sweetened tea that's been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (a.k.a SCOBY). 
All attendees will receive a Kombucha starter kit including: a brewing vessel,  SCOBY, starter liquid, sample tea, cloth cover, and illustrated instructions. 
Lila will cover the history of kombucha , health benefits and how to do it at home safely. This workshop also includes instruction on how to use medicinal herbs/teas to make your kombucha with added healing benefits. 
There will be many delicious samples using a combinations of teas and herbs from Twisted Thistle Apothecary ! 
All you have to bring is yourself!
About the Instructor 
Hello! I'm Lila. I work as a Holistic Nutritionist, health educator and food illustrator and writer. I believe food can be our best medicine. Food has played a major role in my own healing journey and allows me to connect with others and help them deepen their relationship with what they put in their body. I have been teaching kombucha workshops for the last 5 years and have shared my SCOBY with over 400 people. Kombucha is more than a delicious tasting drink, but also creates a beautiful interconnected web of people who continue the brewing tradition and all nourish a piece of the same original "culture." 
WHERE: Twisted Thistle
                2508 Channing Way
                Berkeley, CA
WHEN: May 22ND 730pm-9pm
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