2nd Integration Circle for Sacred Plant Series: Deep Forests

Article number: 3777

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This Circle will focus on integrating the content of the recent "Deep Forest Sacred Plants: Twining, Vining, Connecting" talk (via open Q&A, following up on this latest talk of the Sacred Plant Series) and about learning how you can begin to integrate these living plants into your lives. Calling this an Integration Circle is just a wee bit unusual since integration in this context often refers to therapeutic or group sessions where a person discusses and "integrates" a powerful, often plant assisted, personal experience. This isn't a standard circle like that, but it will give a sense for what a more traditional (new tradition!) integration circle is about. It is a smaller group, filling up fast!
When: Tuesday December 18th 7:30-9
Where: Twisted Thistle Apothecary
4156 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, CA
Cost: $15
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