Kava Glycerine Tincture 1 oz

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  • Alcohol Free Glycerine Base lends palatability and no burning
  • Premium, hand selected roots from Noble variety Kavas
  • Grown without Chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Produced in a state of the art Facility
  • Unheard of 100mg of Kavalactones per 1ml serving
  • 5 times the strength of standard Kava tinctures
Penni 07-02-2017 20:59

This helps so much with my insomnia. I have literally tried EVERYTHING from melatonin to the hard pharmaceuticals that make me feel like a zombie the next day. One dropper full of the kava tincture and my mind calms down and I can actually get to sleep. And no hangover feeling the next day!

Mari 27-01-2017 01:25

This is hands down the best product I've found to deal with anxiety attacks. One dropperful and I'm good to go.

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