Crunchy Almond Kava Dark Chocolate

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It's the best of both worlds, Kava and Chocolate. Made with all natural Vanuatu kava root extract and mixed with high quality organic artisan chocolate, Kava Chocolate Bars are the best chocolate bar you have ever experienced. Why not reward yourself with something good? These chocolate bars are made from organic cacao beans which naturally contain high amounts of antioxidants that are good for your body. The kava root is naturally grown on the island of Vanuatu and is an herb that provides many natural benefits that are known to treat anxiety, induce relaxation, enhance socialization and relieve muscle tension. The natural fats in cacao help carry the kavalactones into the body, making this chocolate bar an enhanced kava experience. Make your body happy, enjoy Kava Chocolate!

Each bar has 300g of Kava and made with organic Dark Chocolate Kava that is 70% cocoa.

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